The 25 Best PS3 Games Of All Time

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With two fantastic generations of consoles under their belt

Sony was looking to up the ante with the PlayStation 3. Out of the box. The console looked like another huge leap forward. It had a Blu-ray player for high-definition entertainment. The latest DualShock controller was a wireless peripheral that almost looked like a silver banana. And internal engineering could throw an impressive amount of polygons into your eyes. All of that action would include lived wasted if the fun library wasn’t up to par. But thankfully the PS3 has had an amazing selection of games available over the years. We’ve rounded up the top 25 PS3 games of all time (in alphabetical order).

Even More Best Playstation Lists

From in-house games that paved the way for the prestige single-player era to third-party blockbusters that took full advantage of the console’s powerful engine to wow gamers, the PS3 had an eclectic library of memorable titles. Some of this fun has actually been remastered for PS4 and is rearward consistent with PS5. We’ve only included one game from each franchise, so you won’t find multiple Uncharted, Mass Effect, or Batman games on this list.

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