The Batman Is Already Breaking Box Office Records

The WB Batman is now in theaters in many international markets and is already breaking box office records. A DC movie opened in some international markets a day or even earlier, and during the pandemic, it generated the biggest launch day revenue for a WB movie at $5.3 million.

The Batman is now also the second-biggest first-day launch of a Batman movie since The Dark Knight Rises for international markets. The film releases today, March 4, in the US – we will announce the film’s internal numbers when they are announced. These box office¬†came from the deadline.

The Batman was first released in Korea on Tuesday and earned $1.7 million there. On Wednesday, it spread to places like France ($1.4 million), Sweden ($414,000), Indonesia ($362,000), and Belgium ($193,000). In some cases, Batman is ahead of The Dark Knight and Dune, which is a positive sign for the film’s long-term prospects.

Around the world, Batman is ready for a grand launch this weekend. It is projected to make up to $245 million for its first shot to help revive the box office.

As for other Batman news at the box office, movie giant AMC has announced that it will be charging extra for The Batman as part of its new variable pricing program.

For more, check out GameSpot’s The Batman review and other critics. The film stars Robert Pattinson as Batman and is directed by Matt Reeves.

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