The Best PlayStation Game Deals Right Now

The PlayStation is home to some of the best exclusives on the market, but most of them sell for $70 in the PS5 generation. That’s why it’s always nice to find a good deal on games that showcase the PS5’s power and innovation. There has been a decent amount of PS5 games on sale lately, giving you the chance to win some of the best PS5 games at great discounts. The PS5 also has the added bonus of supporting the PS4 catalog, giving you the ability to get older games while they slowly find their way into the trash. Whether you’re looking for a low-priced PS5 exclusive or a PS4 classic, we’ve compiled a list of the best PlayStation games currently on sale. Many of these discounts won’t last long, so be sure to check them out before they disappear.

Best PlayStation Game Deals

There have been numerous discounts over the past few months and it’s still available for just $33. The stylish shooter managed to walk away with our 2021 Game of the Year award thanks to innovative storytelling, tight gunplay, and limitless replay value.

You’ll find hundreds of discounted indies this week on the PlayStation Store through World of Ollyolly is one of the outstanding ones. Launched last month, the latest installment in the franchise improves on almost every aspect of OlliOlli2, giving you a colorful world to explore and plenty of unlockable customization options. Our review of OlliOlli World states that it “strikes a balance… between losing yourself in the flow of riding and feeling like you have to celebrate every challenge the game can throw at you.”

If you’ve yet to tackle Hideo Kojima’s latest inventive adventure, you’ll find it

The Director’s cut of Death Stranding
reduced to $37. This version includes the base game as well as enhanced PS5 graphics, 3D audio support, and a selection of extended content and mini-games.

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