The Best Side-Quests On PS4, PS5

If there is one relation in which Forbidden Horizon West should be considered Horizon Forbidden Best, is an optional material. Each side quest in the game ends with a significant reward. In some cases, you get a cool weapon or armor set. In others, you’ll catch a narrative denouement richer than what’s in the main story.

But Forbidden Horizon West is an massive. After 60 hours, I still haven’t even stumbled across all the possible extra activities. Not to mention that there is – and this is not an exaggeration -15 different categories of side questsfrom fetch-quest assignments to platform-specific boilers to deal with heavy activities such as hunting grounds as well as arena. See, time is precious. The indecisiveness is very real, especially when you look at the bible-sized quest log, puzzled. If you want to prioritize, here are the side quests you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

Soft spoilers for Forbidden Horizon West follow – nothing significant to the plot, just deciphering the mysteries of the game.


Shadow from the Past (Level 7)

Where to begin: In the Barren Light, on the ramparts at the gate, after talking to the guard near the prison cell.

Some of Forbidden Horizon West The best side quests don’t happen in a vacuum. These are quest chains: if you start them, a series of small missions will begin, forming one continuous narrative. The first unskippable chain starts with “A shadow of the past“, in the center of which Eclipse is an antagonistic faction from the first game, Zero dawn horizon- and neatly wraps around the protracted thread of the story. It’s a pleasure for those who played and loved, Zero Dawn.

Binding Roots (Level 15)

Where to begin: In Plainsong, by interacting with NPCs on one of the top level platforms.

Forbidden Horizon West The open world is so huge that you can easily miss part of it if you don’t take on certain side quests.Roots that bind” is one of those sending you to escape through the mountains north of Plains Song, Horizonthe first major transport hub. It’s also one of the biggest side quests in terms of gameplay, featuring two challenging fights, a long platforming section, and a rare stealth segment.

Thirst for the Hunt (Level 17)

Where to begin: After talking to Drakka in the Strelok settlement, southwest of the Base.

Most of the quest chains in Forbidden Horizon West follow a linear path. But the one that starts with “Thirst for the hunt– in which you must help two divergent factions of a desert-dwelling tribe with a water source – culminates in a mission in which the ball is on your side: at the end, you must make a decision that will change the course of the story. And yes, echoing what you find in, say, a classic BioWare game, the choice is not easy.

Opening the Arena (Level 18)

Where to begin: In the city of the Maw of the Arena (you will get there in the story)

Arena opening” is a search quest (boo) that gives you access to the arena (hooray!), easily one of Forbidden Horizon Westthe most interesting side effects. Not only will you be able to complete unique combat missions with increasingly complex parameters, you will also open a showcase that will give you access to some of the the strongest bows and outfits in the game.

Cauldron: Iota (Level 22)

Where to begin: Head northeast from Salt Bite until you reach the northern border of the map.

Forbidden Horizon West handles the open world convention in an unconventional way (climb the tall thing to clear the fog from the map) (the tall thing is walking dinosaur called high neck). Spit in the center of the map, you will see a long neck for shining wastelands region. One catch: you won’t be able to climb to the top until you unlock an update in the game, which I’ll keep quiet about because it’s so damn cool, you have to experience a moment of cold. If you want to get rid of fog in this area of ​​the map, uncheck “Boiler: IotaMission.

What Was Lost (Level 30)

Where to begin: At the base, but not until you’ve progressed far enough in the game (as evidenced by the level prerequisite)

Few missions are more frustrating than “What was lost“. You are going through a dungeon that you have already completed. You fight a boss you’ve already fought – twice. But the feedback from the narrative here is one of the most enjoyable in the game. Forbidden Horizon West ultimately reassuring, but set in a gritty, unforgiving, ruthlessly violent post-apocalyptic setting. Take shining moments when you can get them. (You also get some rare crafting components that would otherwise be hard to come by.)

Machine impact training (N/A level)

Where to begin: In Chainscrape, by talking to the man at the “Machine Strike” board.

I said it before and I’ll say it again (and just being ahead here, probably again, and again, and again): the Machine Strike tactical mini-game is a revelation. Do not miss.

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