The best things about Total War: Warhammer 3 are small

Some of the differences between Total War: Warhammer 3 and its predecessors are huge, significant, and as obvious as a Great Unclean One’s ass. Diplomacy is actually decent, for starters. The series’ only real weakness, diplomacy, used to be sorting a list of nations based on who hates you the least and then going through one by one to see if they had anything to do with you. A new, less opaque diplomacy system – courtesy of the Three Kingdoms and Troy – is more focused on showing you what deals you can make and how. This allowed me to pull off a real prank when I played as Slaanesh.

Other differences are not so egregious and worthy of attention. These are the changes that are commonly referred to as “quality of life”, which, if you think about it, is very important. I’d rather have some quality in life, thank you.

Total War: Warhammer 3 is full of tweaks that make things a little better, but they’re easy to miss at first. When it crashed after a particularly long battle before I had a chance to save, I seriously considered going back to Total War: Warhammer 2 for a while, at least until number 3 got a few more patches. I decided to stick with it when I realized how many there were, small changes that I would have missed.

Unoccupied units are highlighted: In previous games, you had to keep a close eye on unit icons to keep your troops from getting slack. A picture of swords meant they were busy fighting, an arrow meant they were busy moving, and everything else meant they were busy doing all sorts of nonsense. They can stand still and get shot at, or they can hide somewhere near the edge of the map, where they gathered at the moment when you were too busy to notice the pop-up informing you of this fact, and now just stand around. passing the cigarette back and forth.

Warhammer 3 superimposes a series of humming ZZZs over images of inactive units as if pointing the finger in a classroom. “Miss, miss! Toxfarther, Destroyer of Worlds, is not working on his assignment as expected! And so, as a long-suffering teacher, you can throw a piece of chalk at Toxfarter and get him back to work. Or, in this case, press the idle unit selection hotkey, which by default is Backspace. Was mod for this but it’s nice to see that this has become the default behavior

Spell Slow: Everything moves in slow motion between spell selection and target selection. While you can always drop items at half speed whenever you want (unless you’re playing on the hardest difficulty like a maniac), this happens automatically so you can perfectly line up a gust of wind to catch as many enemies as possible. makes the spell more dramatic. and fun.

Something that is No new to Warhammer 3 but one I often forgot in the heat of battle is that you can click and drag spell templates to change their angle. This wind blast triangle shouldn’t hit the middle of a unit and then kick up empty dust behind it, you can position it on the side of the marauder block and then drag it on top of them to knock the whole group down like skittles. . Thanks to the spell slow, I really didn’t forget to do it now.

All about the menu of magic items: Managing which items and followers are assigned to which characters was a late-game challenge when you’ve brought together a bunch of lords and heroes that you’ve never seen before and suddenly have to dress them up like unexpected kids. By this point, you’ve got a bunch of magical nonsense that you can’t remember how to use, and therefore can’t figure out who should have what. Why do I need all these banners? Flipping through them corrodes my life.

Warhammer 3 simplifies this task by allowing you to throw away unnecessary artifacts. Low-level items can be dismantled for money or combined with items of the same level to create a random item of the next level. The menu has also been simplified, allowing you to see who wields the Swift Sword with ease, as well as who has what assistive devices.

Reassigning them is also instantaneous, instead of getting rid of a penalty one at a time, which added a tiny bit of hassle for no real benefit. Realism, I presume? pfff. I need that frost wyrm skull now, not tomo

Changed the replenishment and placement of camps: The change I wanted to notice earlier is that armies can move while in camp position. You’ve always needed to spend half your movement to camp, but now if there’s anything left you can keep shuffling forward while crouching, resupplying units, being immune to attrition, and recruiting from the global pool.

This greatly simplifies the journey through the Realms of Chaos. In the realm of Tzeentch, where you must teleport from island to island, going through the teleporter ends your turn no matter how much movement you have left. If you move to the camp position before teleporting, you will stay camped on the other side. It’s free real estate, by which I mean replenishment. And if you are attacked from the other side, which is likely to happen, you will also receive a bonus to defense from the camp.

In terms of resupply, individual units such as characters and monsters are now resupplying after battle if you choose not to take cash or an on-screen leadership bonus after a battle. Previously, your leaders and monsters would lose hit points and limp from battle to battle while the rest of the army rebuilt. Not anymore.

Object Browser Disabled: Previously, searching for units in the Total War encyclopedia connected you to an online database. All this information is now in the game. It may not be a change that everyone notices, but my Aussie internet was choking whenever I tried to access it. More generally, this means that units added by mods can also be part of the unit browser. So that’s good.

Character effects are more obvious: Here’s a really small change that I appreciate. When an army or hero crosses a province border, a pop-up window lets you know what effect their traits and abilities will have on the locals without having to hover over tiny icons. They may be minor effects, but if Loter Unlimited affects the level of corruption in an area, Wishes the Beak reduces control by a couple of points, or Soul Shout, Minister of Desire, helped the economy rise by a few percent? Then I would like to know about it.

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