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Having played Grand Theft Auto Online for nearly a decade, I don’t think it’ll shock you that I recently felt… the game. Although I have enjoyed some of latest updates and eventsmy desire to spend the hours of my life on GTA Online mostly disappeared. So I wasn’t sure what to expect from the new PS5 and Xbox Series X/S ports released today. Will it really change how I feel all these years later?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. For the first time in a long time I want to play more GTA Online. And it’s not just that it loads faster and looks prettier… although it does!

But first, let’s just get this out of the way: yes, it’s annoying that Rockstar didn’t release new highway GTA game for almost a decade. And yes, it’s wild, perhaps even hard to believe that I’m still writing about GTA Online in 2022 on next generation consoles. See also: If you don’t like how GTA Online plays on old consoles, the community that exists around him, or how he handles multiplayer missions, this new version of the game doesn’t fundamentally change any of that. It’s still basically, for better and for worse, GTA Online.

However, that doesn’t mean that Rockstar just took off. GTA Onlineresolution (4K) and frame rate (60 fps) and called it a day. (I mean it’s part of this new packagebut that’s not all.) Instead, it’s pushed and adjusted GTA Online into a more modern live service game, with updated menus to help guide new players to the blood-soaked streets of Los Santos in the easiest way possible. Perhaps for the first time in a long time GTA Online it actually seems like he wants you to play it.

The biggest and most rewarding addition for new players or returning players looking to start a new life is career building. From the very beginning of the character creation process, you receive $4 million. With this, you jump into career buildersort of a tour of the key pieces of content GTA Online can offer. When starting a new character, Rockstar now offers you four career options: Executive, Nightclub Owner, Arms Dealer, or Biker. A beautiful and informative menu guides you through the process of buying property related to your chosen profession, buying weapons and a car.

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End result – you start GTA OnlineAnd not just with a crappy gun and a few dollars, but with a sensible career. For example, if you choose a nightclub owner, you will be given a set of missions and activities to help you build your club, attract people, and ultimately lead you to make your establishment fun and self-sustaining. way to generate income and let you try other aspects of the game. Compared to older GTA Online an experience that just threw you into the world with little to nothing and then bombarded you with texts and missions with no clear goal or plan, is a much better way to keep new players from feeling overwhelmed.

Another important reason I enjoyed this new port GTA Online is a performance improvement. Yes, gta5 as well as GTA Online It has been possible to play at 60fps on PC for many years now. I played gta5 there and it was good. But having my LP GTA Online character, on my big TV, with a better frame rate with better visuals and faster loading, was incredible.

And let’s really stop and appreciate that faster load times.. Both in single player, online or when switching between two modes gta5 used to struggle to upload anything in a reasonable amount of time. Now, thanks to SSDs in current generation machines and their overall performance improvements, gta5 as well as GTA Online feel more like a modern game than ever before.

Load times are still there, but being able to launch the game in seconds rather than minutes is such a relief. Literally, hours of my life have been wasted watching the clouds are moving slowly how the game loads and loads and loads. And while GTA Online still have some waiting issues when trying to play less popular modes, the overall experience has become more stable and faster. As a person who mainly plays this game to make a living, thank god for that.

I will need to spend more time with this new version gta5 and its multiplayer to see if it starts to break in some areas of course, but right now I’m genuinely happy just to play GTA Online. Without even checking for a new update or anything… I’m just pumped up to download it and drive around and hang out with people.

I didn’t expect this new port to change my feelings around GTA Online so many, but here we are. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a few stunt races.

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