The Donkey Kong Cockblast Meme And Pringles: Explained

If you look at the official Pringles Twitter account right now you will notice a strange pattern in the responses. People react to every boring tweet about new flavors and favorite snacks with an image of Donkey Kong that makes it look like he’s shooting lightning from his crotch. This evocative image is emblazoned with the words “COCK BLAST”. So what the hell is going on?

We live in strange times. Even though most of them have just gotten used to it, the social networks and online communities we use on a daily basis are filled with brands pretending to be human. They tweet, create memes, and even participate in popular discussions. It’s strange, even if we all don’t notice it anymore. But there are people who like to fuck brands on social media. And one of these people is the reason every last Pringles tweet gets hundreds of “Cock Blast” memes in replies.

According to Garbage daily Newsletter as well as writer Ryan Broderick was all done by one person. Digging through all the replies, they found one account that always seemed to be the first to reply to the meme, and that seemed to take longer to do so than anyone else. So Broderick got in touch with this person, @TheKrustyKoopa, and asked the question you’re all now thinking: why?

“My friend tweeted that he wants people to spam Pringles Twitter comments with a different image. [it was a meme of a bug]KrustyKoopa said to Broderick. “But I made my own tweet encouraging people to spam Donkey Kong. [Cock Blast meme] instead of. And it eventually spread to people outside of my group of friends to the point where it became self-sustaining.”

According to KrustyKoop, there is no real organization around the meme or subculture that replies to every banal Pringles tweet. It was just an example of an absurd anti-brand joke that is rapidly gaining popularity. Maybe people really hate Pringles? Or maybe people just enjoy posting this rooster meme? Who can say Why it took off, but it happened.

If you’re wondering if this is part of some kind of statement against how corporations have infiltrated social media and the internet, destroying so much of it and tricking people into caring about brands, it’s not. It was all just a joke that caused a lot of randos on the Internet and became popular.

“I don’t really remember there being a reason behind it, it was just a stupid joke that came out of nowhere.”

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