The Dying Light 2 item that makes weapons unbreakable got nerfed, and players want it fixed

But today Dying Light 2 has a new problem. 1.2.0 patch, and it’s not even listed in the patch notes. The Amulet of Korek, which originally added +500 durability to any weapon it was attached to, has been reduced to +300 durability. More shockingly, the amulet now has to be crafted for 666 scraps.

This massive amount of scrap.

I was shocked when Left finger gloVa (another easter egg) costs 369 scrap. And the Korek amulet now costs a ton more. If you have multiple weapons that you want to enchant, each time it will cost 666 Scrap. Given that the maximum amount of Scrap you can carry at a time is 999, that’s a whole bunch of extra Scrap Collections that need to be completed in order to stick this amulet on a weapon.

Many Dying Light 2 players have expressed their dissatisfaction with this drastic change in charm, and it looks like Techland has heard them. The official Dying Light 2 Twitter account was quick to reassure players that the charm would “be adjusted” in a future update and that the patch was an attempt to “balance it, don’t make it uninterestingDying Light 2’s lead designer also tweeted that they would “try to restore it and make it more meaningful”, but pointed out that it was originally intended to be an easter egg “not an official repair mechanic”.

To learn better

I kind of see both sides. This is an extremely powerful item that makes any weapon nearly invulnerable, meaning many players will simply end up with multiple weapons forever instead of looking for a new one. On the other hand, I myself want to keep my favorite weapon forever, and not look for a new one, because my favorite weapon is cool and I love it, and there is no standard repair system in the game. The cost of making an amulet may be fair, but this amount of waste seems ridiculously excessive.

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