The Elder Scrolls Online: Ascending Tide DLC Arrives Today On PC

The Elder Scrolls Online’s last year-long adventure,

Legacy of the Bretons launches today for PC, Mac. And Stadia players with the release of the new Ascending Tide DLC. Ascending Tide includes two new PvE dungeons, Shipright’s Regret. And The Coral Aerie, and will set the stage for stories and adventures coming later. This year in the High Isle chapter of the game. The new DLC will arrive for console players on March 29th. Privacy Policy

In Shipright’s Regret, players will venture into a haunted shipyard that houses the wreckage of the legendary All Flags fleet. Coral Aerie, on the other hand, will task players with rescuing returning ESO character Jakarn from the mysterious Order of the Rising, the main antagonists of the year-long adventure Legacy of the Bretons. Ascending Tide is free for all ESO Plus members, but can also be purchased separately from the in-game Crown Store. As with previous ESO DLCs and expansions, players don’t need to be at a certain level to experience the new content and can instead jump straight into the game.

New downloadable content paves the way for future Legacy of the Bretons content,

Including the new High Isle expansion, which will release on June 6th and will include the never-before-seen region of Tamriel and serve as a deep dive into Breton lore and culture. ESO Creative Director Rich Lambert described High Isle as a return to the roots of the Elder Scrolls franchise’s storytelling, with an emphasis on the politics of Breton society. High Isle is said to include over 30 hours of new quest-related content, and will also introduce Tales of Tribute, a strategy card game with its own single-player questline, to the world of Tamriel.

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