The First Review For Triangle Strategy Is Now In

Image: Square Enix

Just days away from the release of Triangle Strategy, Square Enix’s tactical RPG in HD-2D. Fans of turn-based tactical RPGs around the world are looking forward to a new game in the genre from the company that brought us Final Fantasy Tactics. And judging by the sounds of the early review, it looks like we’re in for a treat.

Famous Japanese magazine Famitsu posted their thoughts on the game (thanks, Nintendo All), three reviewers gave Triangle Strategy a nine and a fourth an 8. That’s 35/40, which is pretty damn promising!

It seems that Square Enix and Artdink (from Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World) got a lot of feedback from those who tried out the very first demo because of the demo prologue, which you can still download now — showed much more grace and promise. Our impressions of the demo were quite positive and seemed to align with Famistu’s thoughts on the final game. We appreciated the intense tactical combat, the freedom between battles, and the deep political intrigue. Just make sure you’re ready for a lot of cutscenes.

We will have more detailed reflections on the triangle strategy in the near future. In the meantime, we want to know if you’re excited about the game, and now that Live A Live is something special, what other games would you like to see remastered in HD-2D? Leave a comment below.

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