The Matrix Resurrections’ weirdest video game reference

The matrix Resurrection is not shy about the influence of video games. In the beginning, Thomas Anderson is forced to work on a continuation of his pioneering game. The matrix, is a straightforward meta-parallel involving Lana Wachowski in the film. But among all the corporate talk and Christina Ricci’s cameos, there’s a more subtle reference to gaming.

This is hidden in the montage of Neo’s monotonous waking life like a time loop; this is a treadmill. It is even mentioned several times in dialogue as a symbol representing the illusion of progress. It’s about the futility of nostalgia and the destructive cycle of capitalism, and how to learn to see when you’re not really going anywhere.

It also represents the first, simplest animation created for many video games; the walking cycle. Most video game characters begin their lives by endlessly walking around the screen of a game developer. This is the most common animation you will see in the game so it should look good.

But people have a clear idea of ​​what a real human walk looks like, and there are many pitfalls that animation falls into, from over or under animation to feet sliding and more. Walking animations go wrong in many ways, but at their peak, they can help define who the character should be.

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