The most requested features for the Steam Deck after one day

Steam Deck, Valve’s new portable PC gaming system, has been out in the wild in the hands of eager gamers all day. What started with some pretty wild prototypes has led to Valve releasing one of the best budget gaming PCs on the market, as well as a great portable gaming system. Of course, no product gets universal approval, so here are the most requested Steam Deck features after one day of use.

On theĀ Steam Deck Community Page on Steam, early adopters have submitted 26 feature requests so far. Some of the most popular, repeated, and flagged requests among the group are specifically related to device keyboard settings. Considering how easy-to-use a keyboard can help, this makes sense. Console gaming has always been hampered by poor on-screen keyboard capabilities, and PC gamers have been expecting a little better.

Quite a few users are calling for the split trackpad typing system that the Steam Controller uses. This allowed people to use the trackpad in combination with typing triggers, which according to the comments on the Steam Deck page, could be a bit of a game-changer. Hopefully, this is a configuration option coming sooner rather than later.

Others want even more control over keyboard options. Some want to be able to manually customize the key order to better suit their language preferences, while others want to be able to more fully control touchscreen bindings, like with the Steam Link app on a touchscreen phone. There’s even a mention of setting it up like a virtual keyboard when docked, which can be very helpful.

There are many non-keyboard-related proposals, but none of them have received such support. Some other interesting ideas that I hope Valve picks up on including per-game performance profile settings for running games. Considering the Steam Deck is a portable device, being able to actually turn off processing in simpler games on the go can save a lot of battery life. Profiles sound like a handy way to seamlessly manage this.

Another request that seems very reasonable is for post-session surveys on games that are not validated for use in a Steam deck. Many games still work, even without technical support, and this will give the community a chance to let each other know about it. Some games can perform well in some respects and poorly in others, so a survey where people can share their experiences sounds like the best way to handle this until more games can officially transition to the platform.

Finally, there is a request that is very close to my heart. It requires the Steam Deck to be shipped to Australia. Please! This is a matter that I can fully support. Let’s hope that deliveries resume as promised by Valve, and we will soon see these systems on our shores.

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