The Original Dying Light Just Received a Next-Gen Upgrade

The original Dying Light has just received a next-gen update to improve the game’s visuals on the PlayStation 5.

Developer Techland has also released a patch for the PS4 Pro. He also promised that the Xbox update would be coming soon in a tweet (below).

The PS5 free update “delivers quality improvements and gameplay enhancements” but explicitly allows players to choose between Performance Mode (60fps with Full HD), Balanced Mode (aiming for 60fps in QHD), and Quality Mode (30 fps). At 4K resolution).

Console players! A next-gen update has arrived on PlayStation with improved quality and an even better gaming experience! Try new video modes and enjoy extended viewing distance during parkour in Harran!

Coming soon to Xbox! Stay tuned!

— Dying Light (@DyingLightGame) March 8, 2022

PS4 Pro improves the 30fps cap and introduces a new network using Epic Online services.

Dying Light was released over seven years ago in 2015, and its next-gen update seems completely unexpected. While several PS4 games have received PS5 updates, Dying Light is not a utility game like Warframe or Elder Scrolls Online, nor does it support the massive popularity of Grand Theft Auto V or Skyrim.

That doesn’t mean he’s not popular, though. Double shockers reported Last September, Dying Light still had over half a million unique players every month, and SteamDB Data shows that about 10,000 people play it on PC every day.

Dying Light

Considering that the sequel to Dying Light 2 came out last month and received a lot of updates itself, fans were understandably confused in the comments on Techland’s announcement, forcing the developer to clarify that it was about the original game.

He commented, “The first one may be older, but he still deserves love. It is a pleasure to take a break from the scenery of Villedor to visit Harran from time to time.”

In our 8/10 review, IGN said that “high-speed parkour and gruesome zombie carnage make Dying Light a blast, even if the story is just not bad.”

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer who occasionally tweets @thelastdinsdale.


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