The Sims 4 Drops Surprise Neighborhood Stories Update

An unexpected new update has just dramatically changed how Neighborhood Stories

Works in The Sims 4. Eurogamer. This feature appeared in previous Sims games. Allows Sims in inactive households to autonomously lead their lives and make major changes. Including having or adopting children, changing careers, moving house, and even dying in an accident. The feature was launched last November. Wherein an early version of Neighborhood Stories, nearby Sims could make changes to their lives. But only if the player first approved or initiated the change. The new update gives inactive households full autonomy, though it can be tweaked for players who like to have more control over their communities.

The new feature is highly customizable,

Meaning you can still let nearby Sims make some changes to their lives, but you can turn off Neighborhood History options like accidental death or moving that can change the neighborhood too much. Players even have the option to tweak these settings on a per-house basis if they want to micro-manage their neighbors’ lives. Players who enjoy the game can also disable the new feature entirely and continue playing as usual.

Even if players don’t interact enough with their neighbors to see the results of their new freedom, players will now be able to check for Neighborhood Stories updates from any mailbox. That Blog post the detailed description of these changes encourages players to check these updates and use the information they contain to visit their neighbors and check for any changes that occur.

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