The Sims 4 expands on Neighborhood Stories with a new free update

Neighbor Stories is a relatively new feature for Sims 4, and it gives free will to other sims in the world.

A common complaint from fans in Sims 4the base experience was that Sim’s neighbors remained frozen in time; even if they grow old and die, they do not make any decisions and do not change their family in a meaningful way. The initial launch of Neighborhood Stories made several changes available to a small number of Sims, and Maxis is expanding it with a new free update that came out on Tuesday.

This new update to Neighborhood Stories gives nearby Sims the ability to make certain choices. These new life changes are now available, and they go beyond the player Sim’s immediate circle of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. According to a news announcement, nearby Sims can now:

Accept Young Sims to your family, from baby to toddler.

Get pregnant by their significant other, and eventually deliver. Family oriented Sims are more likely to do this, while evasive Sims are less likely to do so. If a sim or sim hates children SO much, they will never do it.

Some Sims may instead get a dog or cat (requires The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs).

Join and exit career. The Sim’s traits greatly influence these decisions. Senior Sims can decide retire.

Households can enter and exit lots.

Die in various accidentsdepending on risk factors such as age, personality traits and career.

The second edition is a new set of gameplay controls that allow players to enable,

Disable, or fine-tune their Neighborhood Stories system. If you don’t want your neighbor to have an accident or get a pet, you can turn them on and off. You can also adjust story settings for a specific household, or disable them globally altogether. Neighborhood Stories interactions can be found in inboxes and players should see these changes in action as they live their lives. A hated colleague may stop showing up, or an old friend may marry and adopt. It’s an interesting addition to the life sim, and it’s nice to see Maxis building on the original foundation.

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