The Sims 4 is giving NPC households the ability to make major decisions

The Sims 4 has updated Neighborhood Stories

To give your neighbors and other inactive Sims more autonomy to make decisions that change the world. One of my biggest complaints about The Sims 4 is that any Sim that isn’t part of your active family is completely devoid of any sort of identity or autonomy. They will grow old and die, but to a large extent, they do little to change the world around them. EA tried to make things a little more dynamic with the Neighborhood Stories update, which allows you to influence Sims in making important life decisions without directly controlling them. It still requires a certain level of micromanagement which I don’t always need.

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Now new update to the system will allow inactive sims to make big life changes without forcing you to interfere in their lives in the first place. They will be able to do important things like adopting pets and children, getting pregnant, changing careers, retiring, and moving. They will also be able to die in various accidents, which will vary depending on the Sim’s age, traits, and career. It doesn’t matter if your Sim neighbors have any relationship with the active household, they will be able to make all of these choices anyway.

Of course, if you’d rather have a little more control over how your saves go,

EA has also added a lot of options to customize what choices NPCs can make. In addition to the ability to globally enable or disable the entire system, individual options can be disabled. There’s also the option to adjust per-household settings if you’d like some of your neighbors to be standalone.

It’s nice to know that I can vary the level of chaos in each home. Sometimes I need elaborate storylines where I’ve already mapped out each Sim’s role, but it’s also nice to have something going on around me while I’m focusing on just one house. I’ve pretty much moved away from The Sims 4 lately – though I’ve returned to try the painfully broken My Wedding Stories pack – I know an update like this will have me sul sul over and over again.

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