The Spirited Away stage show looks incredible in new photos

The new theater production of Hayao Miyazaki’s favorite classic

Spirited Away is currently underway and the new production photos look dazzling. Staged performance Outcasts Royal Shakespeare Company Director and Honorary Associate Director John Caird hail from Toho Stage, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2022. The show is currently running at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo until March 29 and then tours Japan until July. Though if you can’t abide a journey to Japan, more additional facts regarding the exquisite beauties and set own lived delivered to the people. Each of the fantastic creatures in Spirited Away comes to life thanks to doll designer and builder Toby Oli.

 Most functions live double. Meanwhile, the actresses of Yubaba and Zeniba, the twin witches, are Romi Pak and Mari Natsuki – the latter also voiced characters in the original film.

chihiro and soot sprites
Chihiro in the giant bathtub in Spirited Away
Yubaba in The photos recreate some of the film’s most iconic moments,
From Haku comforting Chihiro among flowers to Chihiro riding the bus with Faceless. Of system, it’s accomplished with all the set supplies, denoting the dense bloom brushes are really the players, decorated with blossoms among different items, and the neglected Chihiro is wrapped in a sheet. This adaptation was announced in 2021 with the blessing and full support of Hayao Miyazaki himself.“We Hayao and I liked John’s vision; he’s someone we can trust,” Miyazaki’s longtime producer Toshio Suzuki said in an interview. statement. At the end of the Japanese tour, Toho hopes to take the play to other parts of Europe and Asia.Chihiro family driving
Lin in the stage show
Chihiro and the band in Spirited Away

group number in the show


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