The Top Five New Features of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is the latest expansion for the MMORPG, releasing on February 28, 2022. This new story not only brings players back to Kant’s beloved land after two centuries of playtime, but also adds the first multiplayer siege turtle mount, new elite specializations, custom skiffs, fishing, and more. To prepare you for your return to Kantu, we’ve highlighted the top five new features coming to Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons below. In addition, we will also be announcing a giveaway that will give fans the opportunity to name an in-game NPC and head to ArenaNet to meet some of the team behind the game.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons’ Story returns players to Kant’s beloved land

In 2006, Guild Wars: Factions introduced players to the nation of Cantha, a verdant island region south of the Endless Ocean in Tyria. Since then, Kanta has been closed off and isolated from the rest of the world due to the jade wind, a destructive force that has turned most of the country and its environs into hard jade. After 200 in-game years, Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is bringing players back to a land that now feeds on dragon jade. The new expansion story begins after the player defeats six primordial elder dragons and helps resurrect Aurin – the elder dragon of light – and players will be embroiled in a conflict between rival Kantan factions.

Over two centuries of Kant’s isolation, the region has become “a vast landscape of verdant coastal paradises, winding forests, mountain temples, and, in fact, the sprawling, neon-lit streets of New Kaineng City, a metropolis filled with jade technology. home to the Xunlai Jade Corporations and the Kangtan government.”

Cantha features four new regions to explore

Kanta was a fan favorite in Guild Wars: Factions, and Guild Wars 2 brings it back with four vast and unique regions just waiting to be explored. Shing Gea Island is a “harbor of tranquility and peace”, which is located southwest of the Kanta mainland. Its crystal clear waters are the perfect place for players to try out the new Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons travel skiffs. It is also the place in the universe where many heroic journeys originate.

Kaineng New Town was built after a devastating tidal wave destroyed Old Kaineng. This new city was built to the south of the original and will be very different from what players may remember from Guild Wars. While Old Kaineng was made up of “shattered wooden buildings” and “pure temples in a palace,” New Kaineng City embraced the latest technology and is filled with neon lights. For those hoping to step back in time, there are indeed the ruins of Old Kaineng in a corner of the city.

The Echowald Jungle is another region that will be familiar to Guild Wars players, as major structures such as the House Zu Heltzer, Drudge Temple, and Fort Aspenwood still stand. However, a massive, dense forest of petrified trees and stone structures was woven into them thanks to Tengu and the people of Kurzik and Luxon’s origins. The region is known as Kanta’s wildest region, and the jade tech junkyard in the middle of the Echowald jungle is always calling for the dangerous bands of the Jade Brotherhood and Speakers.

Finally, the Jade Sea is home to a major mining company that mines the jade that powers the Kantan empire. This map contains parts of the Jade Quarry map from Guild Wars, as well as the Temple of the Harvest and Still Waters.

Nine new elite specializations add even more variety to gameplay

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons features nine new elite specializations that add even more variety to the gameplay and give adventurers new ways to play. Below are the nine elite specializations and their official descriptions;

  • Virtuoso – Virtuosi transform the power of their minds into deadly psionic blades. Unlike traditional Mesmer illusions, they use them directly as magical projectiles.
  • Harbinger – Harbinger does not make clean kills, armed with a pistol to devastate his enemies with poisonous, corrosive bullets. These skilled alchemists have developed elixirs to corrupt themselves, turning their own pain into strength.
  • Willbender – A Willmage’s blade-wielding is unparalleled, and wielding a sword in his left hand gives him additional options for relentless strikes.
  • Vindicator – The Vindicators channel a legendary alliance between two deadly foes to crush their enemies and protect their allies.
  • sworn to the blade – Advances in Kantan technology led to the fusion of firearms and long swords: the gunsaber. Only a sworn blade can handle such explosive weapons.
  • Catalyst – Catalysts have revived the ancient techniques of channeling elemental forces – with some modern enhancements, such as their jade tech spheres.
  • Ghost – Ghosts are masters of shadow magic, using their scepters to use dark powers to weaken enemies.
  • Indomitable – Ancient forces of nature dwell in Echowald, and the untamed channel this primal energy through bonding with their pets.
  • Mechanic – No one is as friendly as a mechanic! They command the battlefield along with their useful Jade Technology Warbots.

The Siege Turtle, the first multiplayer mount in Guild Wars 2, is the leading new mount available in End of Dragons.

In Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons, players can earn new mounts, including the Siege Turtle, the first multiplayer mount in Guild Wars 2. The Siege Turtle is a two-player mount that focuses more on combat than movement. He uses jade technology to power his main tower and powerful jets of energy that can lift him into the air.

These jump drives can help the Siege Turtle navigate rough terrain, and it will slide around corners when it has gained enough speed. Given that it is a turtle, players will also be able to take it underwater, but it will sink right into the bottom of the seabed.

While the driver will primarily control the movement of the siege turtle, the passenger will be responsible for manning its siege cannons, which have an ammo system that builds up over time and through use.

Players can then raise their Siege Turtle from “adorable hatchling to cannon-carrying mount”, making the relationship with the player even more meaningful.

Scythians, fishing, and jade bots are new features that make the game new

Skiffs, fishing, and jade bots are some of the new additions that will make Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons one of the most substantial and fresh additions an MMO has ever seen. Kantha is filled and surrounded by water, and Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons gives players a new way to navigate these waterways by boat. These personal water vehicles will allow players to ferry themselves and up to four other players around Kanta Island.

While the player who summoned the skiff will control it, other passengers will be able to keep the skipper’s boost meter full using emotes. Skiffs can also be anchored by a driver if they want to take advantage of one of the other new End of Dragons features, fishing.

Fishing will be unlocked in the first hours of End of Dragon and will give players and their friends a new activity to enjoy at sea. Fishing comes with three new gathering tools – rods, lures and bait – as well as a new skill line that will allow players to improve their skills. Fishing with friends is also beneficial, as the more fishermen in your group, the higher the overall fishing skill level of your team.

Jade bots are a nice addition to the game., which are part of a new line of craftsmanship based on Canthan jade technology. These bots are utility devices that “provide a variety of non-combat features, including ziplines, glider acceleration, rescue protocol, personal waypoints, skiff acceleration, scavenger protocol, trash conversion, and treasure hunting.” These bots are a product of Xunlai Jade and are a brand new technology unrelated to the original Guild Wars.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Editions and Guild Wars 2 Dragon Legacy Pranks

These are just a few of the many new additions coming with Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons on February 28, 2022. If that’s enough to convince you to take this new journey to Cantha, it’s important to know that there are three different ways to purchase the game.

Pre-order the Standard Edition for $29.99 to receive bonuses such as the Flame Wyrm Weapon Chest, Shing Gea’s Mosaic Cloak and the Shing Gea Prodigy title. The $54.99 Deluxe Edition contains everything in the Standard Edition plus the Canthan Raptor Skin and the Shing Jea Dragon Boat Skiff Skin. The $79.99 Ultimate Edition will give players everything mentioned earlier plus 4,000 Gems.

All players who pre-purchase any edition of Guild Wars: End of Dragons from the Guild Wars 2 Official Store by 11:59 PM PT on February 27 and subscribe to receive email newsletters on the day of the draw (approximately March 4, 2022) will automatically participate in the Guild Wars 2 Dragon Legacy giveaway.

Three winners will be selected in this lottery and each will have a chance to win an Auryn Prize Pack (approximate value $5,455.99), a Kralkatorrik Prize Set (approximate value $2,139.95) or a Glint Prize Set (approximate value $1,831.97). As for what each package contains, the prizes are as follows:

Aurine Prize Pack

  • Opportunity to collaborate with Guild Wars 2 the development team in creating a name for a memorable NPC.
  • Winner and one (1) guest travel to ArenaNet in Bellevue, WA to meet some members of the Guild Wars 2 team. See official rules for more information. Includes travel as described in the Official Rules.
  • Premium Elder Dragon Aurin Collectible Statue
  • Brand HyperX Cloud II Guild Wars 2: End of the Dragons Headset
  • For fans by fans, Funko Pop! and dark horse Guild Wars 2 Goods

Kralkatorrik Prize Pack

  • A session of online games lasts about 2-3 hours. Guild Wars 2 with at least 3 members Guild Wars 2 development team for the winner and one guest. It’s time to get the Carry (or Conquer) the Creator achievement!
  • HP OMEN 16 Gaming Laptop
  • HyperX Alloy Origins Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, HyperX Pulsefire FPS Professional Gaming Mouse, HyperX Cloud Revolver Gaming Headset and OMEN Transceptor 15 Rolltop Backpack
  • Premium Collectible Elder Dragon Aurine Statue
  • For fans by fans, Funko Pop! and dark horse Guild Wars 2 Goods

Glint Prize Pack

  • BUT Guild Wars 2 is a portrait of the winning character by an ArenaNet artist, printed on canvas measuring approximately 20″ x 20″ (final dimensions vary by character used) and signed by members of the development team.
  • A year’s supply of Butterfingerâ„¢ chocolate bars (that’s four hundred and thirty-two full-size bars in one batch—almost enough to feed Skrittsburgh).
  • DXRacer Guild Wars 2: End of the Dragons Edition gaming chair
  • HyperX Alloy Origins keyboard, HyperX Pulsefire Raid mouse and HyperX Cloud II branded Guild Wars 2: End of the Dragons Headset
  • For fans by fans, Funko Pop! and dark horse Guild Wars 2 goods

If you have purchased the extension from another vendor or would like to participate without a prior purchase, you can send an email during the registration period to [email protected] with the subject “Participation in the Lottery”, your official name, city and country of residence in the body letters. Entries must be submitted via the email associated with your ArenaNet account.

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons releases February 28, 2022, and this breakdown of the five new features coming with the expansion is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s in store for fans when they return to Kantu after two centuries of waiting.

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