These IHS replacements for Intel and AMD CPUs are pure-copper DIY kits

Overclocking used to be something of an extreme sports offshoot of the PC gaming world, which was only done by people willing to take some risk to see how far they could push their hardware. Now it’s a little different. Many chips have overclocking options available right in the BIOS, allowing everyone to get a taste of it. However, there are still hardcore players who are happy to rip the top off their processors in an attempt to maximize profits, though even that process is made a lot easier with dead kits designed specifically for this purpose.

Noticed TechPowerUp, RockIt Cool is one such company specializing in these delid kits. They sell both did and relied on kits designed to give you all the tools you need to build your CPU to new low temperatures yourself. They have different options depending on the CPU you want to damage and they come with a pure copper IHS replacement. The IHS even has markings to help apply liquid metal, making this rather risky upgrade as easy as possible.

But more importantly, they look damn cool. A small piece of metal sitting on top of the processors gives the build an extra layer of class, even if you don’t see it tucked away in a case tucked under a cooler. Copper is great at dissipating heat, so it’s a great choice for a new CPU cover.

RockIt Cool claims that it was able to lower the operating temperature of the Intel i9 12900K by 15°C using one of its copper caps and thermal interface material, but that seems too good to be true. I don’t think most users should expect results anywhere near that impressive.

Regardless, customer reviews seem genuinely impressive, and the kits are relatively inexpensive, ranging from $19 to $80 depending. Although, as always, be careful. This process will void your warranty and may even damage your gear. Don’t try it without knowing the possibility of failure.

While the focus for overclockers will likely be 12th Gen Intel and AMD Ryzen kits, there are plenty of options for those who aren’t quite up to speed or want the best benchmark results. RockIt Cool also offers quite a few options for older chips dating back to Intel 3rd and 4th generation, which might be a safer choice for beginners. This is a great chance for those who have been curious about overlock to get a pretty solid chance to try and reset and remake the old chip.

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