Thieves Steal $530,000 Worth Of Props From Netflix’s The Crown, Lupin

Netflix has released a statement revealing that the production sites for The Crown and Lupin have been robbed. Approximately $530,000 worth of props were stolen on February 24 and 25, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
There were no casualties in the incidents. An investigation into the robberies is ongoing, and it is not clear if there is a connection between the two. In the Lupin incident, which ironically took place during the robbery drama, it is reported that about 20 thieves with their faces covered “burst into the set,” throwing fireworks as a distraction. Lupine star Omar Sy, who played master thief Assan Diop, was reportedly on set at the time of the heist.
In both productions, at least 350 items were stolen. “We can confirm that the antique was stolen, and we hope it will be found and returned safe and sound,” a Netflix spokesperson said in a statement. “Replacements will be found; there is no expectation that filming will be delayed.”
It is realistic to expect some of these items, including replica Faberge eggs and gold and silver candelabra, to be returned. In January, a stolen set of The Lord of the Rings first edition books, believed to be worth around $2,000, was returned to the Worcester Charity, which was intended to benefit from the sale.

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