This free retro shooter is a grocery trip through hell

When I need to make soup, I usually just grab a few cans from Sainsbury’s across the street. But if you really want to put together a culinary masterpiece (and cheer your mom up while doing it), you’ll need to drag your ratty little goblin hands through the creepy meaty space and back to collect it. hell soup.

A Hell of a Soup is a retro first-person shooter in a sea of ​​retro first-person shooters developed by Antoine Fauville. This is a short and cute shooter where you explore the cursed world in search of milk, meatballs and soup.

Okay, look. Hell of a Soup emphasized a lot less than something like dust or a squad of cruelty. There are only a handful of monsters that can be mulched, and only one weapon that can be mulched. However, Fauville painted such an absurdist hellscape in 5-10 minutes that it is worth experiencing.

Biblical angel

A biblical angel guards the gates of a dilapidated town inhabited by vicious turkeys. Ikea perched precariously next to the Tower of Babel, watching the bulls appear to be riding ghostly motorcycles. You will shoot the demon worm in the endless graveyard to get to the corner store and buy a carton of milk. Scattered all over the place are ordinary people delivering cryptic messages with tenor NPC Souls.

And then the question arises, why does a poor little demon boy like you need soup at all – why go into all this trouble for a seemingly simple lunch snack? Hell’s Soup is a small appetizer, but it paints such a seductively surreal picture that it’s interesting to imagine what worlds Fauville could create with more resources. I want to see more of this world that battles bloody underworlds with the suburban mundane.

At least the game deserves credit for recognizing Ikea as the hellscape maze it truly is, and it’s more than worth the free entry fee on Itching.

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