This Gamified Rowing Machine Has More Games Than Peloton, Adds Disney/Netflix As Well

Rowing is one of the most intense, strenuous, and rewarding exercises out there, and to make it more bearable and fun, a new company called Aviron has created an ergometer with built-in games.

The connected rowing company, which recently received $18.5 million in funding, announced that not only does it have more built-in games than, say, Peloton, which just added games, but it is now the first home connected rowing. Machine with built-in apps for Netflix and Disney+. More will come in the second quarter.

In terms of games, Aviron has 14 “real” video games and hundreds of other “gamified” programs. Some of them include fighting zombies, escaping the Kraken, and killing bugs, among others. Games are also not only about physical activity, as some also require users to act strategically.

“What makes our games unique is that they are more than an animated version of a training program in which you score points as you progress through the stages,” said Aviron. “Our exciting fully animated multiplayer games feature zombies, robots, and racing cars, and it takes strategy, training, and ultimately skill to ‘win.’ Train consistently, with greater intensity, and in turn, achieve your personal goals. The combination of video game elements and competitive spirit makes Aviron training much more enjoyable.”

Verify aviron website To learn more. Rowers start at $2,200.

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