This Gateway gaming laptop with an RTX 3050 and 16GB RAM for $800 is a hell of deal

I have to be honest, I was almost taken aback when I saw that the Gateway gaming laptop is being sold at Walmart for $800.

This 15″ Gateway Creator laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i5-11400H processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, and RTX 3050. This GPU can work with GTX 1660 Ti and also takes advantage of the RTX 30 series such as DLSS and beams. tracking support.

The Creator laptop should deliver solid 1080p gaming performance at medium settings. The fast 120Hz IPS display is great if you mainly play competitive shooters like CS: GO or Valorant.

I was happy to see the Gateway had 16GB of RAM because we recently noticed that cheaper laptops often only have 8-12GB of RAM. It’s getting hard to recommend for serious gaming.

It’s also rare to see a laptop this cheap with an SSD larger than 256GB, so having a 512GB NVMe SSD inside is a pleasant surprise. Ideally, 1TB is the preferred capacity we want to see in an SSD on a laptop, but given the $800 price tag, that’s pretty good. Walmart has a sale on a 17″ version of this laptop with a 1TB SSD and a slightly better CPU and GPU for an additional $150 in case you need something a little bigger and with more appeal. Just don’t expect light.

Our friends at LaptopMag actually verified a slightly underpowered 2020 version of this Gateway Creator laptop that praised system performance and sleek design despite lacking great battery life.

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