This Guilty Gear Strive Modder Is Adding Fully Realised Characters To The Game

Developer and modder WistfulHopes has released several mods

For Guilty Gear Strive since its release last year. and recently managed to add full characters to the game, including the regular Sin Kiske series and even Goku, complete with mechanics from Dragon Ball FighterZ.

WistfulHopes is not a playable mod, or at least not yet released a video on their Twitter of Goku fighting Guilty Gear Strive without issue. While most redesigned characters in games like Strive are simply added as cosmetic skins on top of existing characters, Goku WistfulHopes was built from the ground up for Strive. Modder explained in the comments that she had to create some of the DBFZ mechanics from scratch, including the super dash. The modder later posted an additional video showing even more Goku gameplay with special moves added.

WistfulHopes recently launched a mod that regular series Sin Kiske added into a 2021 game,

Becoming the first Strive mod to add a completely unique custom character. The mod includes a complete custom moveset based on previous games, as well as unique animations, colors, and even a new character design. A beta version of the mod with added updates is also available for supporters on Ko-fi. Other projects released by WistfulHopes include Guilty Gear Aspiration Plus an extensive mod that aims to balance the existing composition of the game, as well as work with mechanics and movements from previous Guilty Gear games.

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