This guy built an adorable PSP out of Lego and now we want a brick-built Steam Deck

Valve’s hot new handheld gaming device Steam Deck saw people struggle to reserve their spot in line as soon as it launched. Considering how much power is contained in a small portable Linux PC, this is not a bad buy.

But for many, even the cheaper 64GB version is an expensive buy at $399. Of course, the alternative to playing on Steam Deck is… Lego building. Just follow the example of one non-PSP legend who dealt with the lack of Sony’s portable gaming device by designing a Lego version and pitching it to the company as a potential Lego kit idea.

brought to our attention TSB RFthis Lego PSP design from RevanBuilds is damn accurate and pretty charming if you ask me, and making a Steam Deck version can at least serve as a short-term distraction from your lack of one.

“I built this model because I always wanted a PSP as a kid, and I built it with LEGO,” the designer laments. After assembly, RevanBuilds used computer software to improve the design with “more accurate parts and a few decals”. If you print out the stickers, they might look like real ones from a distance if you decide to take your Lego steam deck to the bar.

However, the design of the PSP is a bit sharper around the edges than the Steam Deck, and it would be interesting to see someone try to recreate the ergonomic curves of Valve’s new portable gaming device. It won’t be an easy task, that’s for sure.

Submitting this design to Lego Ideas Initiative not only do prospective designers get the chance to become a Lego designers, but the commission income, if your design is approved for production, can help fund a real Steam deck.

And so, what are you waiting for?

However, this won’t help her come any faster, although you’ll have a fake Steam Deck to play with while you wait.

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