This interactive Elden Ring map is extremely useful

The scale of Elden Ring is one of the biggest topics of discussion post-release: people can hardly believe how big it is. The Lands Between is not only sprawling, but filled with landmarks, dungeons, boss encounters in the world, and random sentient pots. Players can spend over 10 hours just exploring the starting area, and even then moving on can still feel like FOMO.

If that’s you, or you just don’t care about spoilers and want to know everything, this Elden Ring map is a brilliant resource. Hosted by Mapgenie, it marks the location of everything from dungeons and places of grace to support materials, blacksmithing stones, and more.

I repeat: if you haven’t played Elden Ring much or Elden Ring at all, then just look at the map and get a big spoiler, so see map of Lands Between at one’s own risk.

As someone not too worried about spoilers, I clicked on the link above and was immediately surprised at how many dungeons I missed out on in areas I thought were thoroughly explored. Considering the verticality of the Elden Ring map and the fact that you can’t always just race towards an uncharted area, I see it as a brilliant resource for finishers.

However, it is not completed. While this map is full of things I didn’t notice in my own playthrough, it’s still a work in progress and there are areas with noticeably fewer icons (pretty much the mid/late game areas). However, I’m impressed with how much there is already and equally impressed with how much Elden Ring has.

Magpie specializes in-game maps: the site has fully mapped maps for games from Dying Light 2 to Old School Runescape. There is a work in progress Lost Ark map too much. If you’re really serious, you can sign up as a Pro user to track collectibles, tag locations, and add your own custom locations.

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