This Minecraft 3D graphing calculator is hypnotic and beautiful

People have been building calculators in Minecraft for over a decade now. Since the advent of Redstone (a block that essentially conducts electricity). It has become commonplace for players to set themselves tasks. There are even wiki pages dedicated to it.

This screen! Calculators are a separate branch of hardware development

Although they are now built into every device we use, with an exciting history of updates. One of the key innovations was the graphing calculator. The idea of ​​a calculator that could visually represent functions somewhat surprisingly dates back to 1921. When engineer Edith Clark built Clark’s calculator for General Electric (patented in 1925). After more than 60 years, Casio has released a watch with an instant name fx7000g (1985), the first mass-produced graphing calculator, and a gorgeous fat boy – although true fans know that Texas Instruments TI-81 this is the sexiest graphing calculator ever.

Yes, I love math. However, someone who likes it much more is CommanderRedstone. They created his first version of the Graphing Calculator in Minecraft two years ago. You inject a function and then get a box render of whatever shape it creates. The old version was 2D, relatively slow, and had fewer features: but now we’re back, baby, with a 3D graphic calculator card that uses floating decimal points, and it’s much faster and more accurate. But look, here’s the thing: it’s hypnotically beautiful to watch this thing generate shapes. The creator used the Minecraft feature in the data packs to program various commands, and now this bad boy can quickly build graphs and show point values ​​like no other.

You don’t have to love math or graphing calculators to enjoy this: it’s just an incredible achievement and great to see how these shapes are generated. People have always made calculators in Minecraft, but this is probably the most beautiful example I’ve ever seen.

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