Three New Pokemon Funkos Are Up for Preorder

Don’t watch now, but a new wave of Pokemon Funko Pop figures have just gone on pre-order. For those who are counting, this is the 10th wave of Pokemon Funkos, featuring vinyl figures of Lapras, Leafeon, and Piplup. You can pre-order them all individually at Amazon. Their delivery is scheduled for June 22. There’s also a giant Lapras exclusive to Target.

Pre-order Pokemon Funko Pop Wave 10 Figures

Pre-order these pocket monsters now, and they’ll go on sale as soon as they arrive in June. And in fact, the ninth wave of Pokemon Funkos has yet to come out. You can also pre-order them on Amazon.

Pre-order Pokemon Funko Pop Wave 9 Figures

Available until April 13

Funko pop! Games – Pokemon S9 Collection (Sylveon/Lucario/ Alakazam) 

It also includes one plastic protective case.

See to Walmart 

Funko Pokemon wave 9 is also still available for pre-order (in March 2022). The figures are available for pre-order following the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus (on sale for $54.99 at Amazon). This latest installment in the long-running series is an ambitious new take on the world of pocket monsters, offering players an open-world version of the ancient region of Hisui that they can explore to complete their Pokédex.

You can check out our review of Pokemon Legends: Arceus to see what our critic thinks of the new direction for the series. Then take these Funkos, which you can also find in the game.

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