Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Season Pass Content And Fortnite Crossover Revealed

Like the main Borderlands series, Gearbox’s upcoming spin-off. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands will have plenty of stories to tell after the end credits roll. Four post-release DLC packs will open up a series of new adventures for you. As you travel to the Dreamveil Overlook and meet the enigmatic Farseer Vesper.

The four Mirror of Mystery DLC packs

Will feature five levels to complete and then face a fearsome boss. And these enemies become more powerful each time you venture into their domain? Each time you successfully defeat a boss, you earn Lost Souls. Which allows you to spin Vesper’s Wheel of Fate for a chance to win legendary weapons, equipment, and other items. While you can purchase the Mirror of Mystery content pack individually. You will be able to get them all in the Wonderland Season Pass.

These Mirrors of Mystery will also affect the recently introduced Chaos Room,

The replayable endgame of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. New levels and bosses will be added to Chaos Chamber after they are released. Making for more varied playthroughs and challenges. In content release 4, you can also try out a new character class that, like the base game classes, can be mixed and matched to create a unique multi-class Fate-Weaver. While Gearbox hasn’t revealed exactly what this class is, it has mentioned that it will have its own combat skills and a unique skill tree to play with. Rounding out the Season Pass is the Butt Stallion Pack, which includes items approved by the Butt Stallion Queen, such as the Diamond Guard armor presets, the Crystal Glitter makeup set, the Adamant Throne banner set, and the Diamond Hero statue material.

For a limited time, when you purchase a digital copy of Wonderlands from the Epic Game Store, you will receive a Diamond Pony Glider to use in Fortnite. The glider has several bonuses, such as the ability to summon Asshole himself, who will throw a weapon at you when you land.

Butt Queen Stallion to the rescue!

For more detail

On Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands ahead of its March 25 launch on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, you can check out our features showcasing classes like Stabbomancer, Spellshot, and Spore Warden. You can also read our Wonderlands preview for more on how gunplay in Borderlands 3 has been mixed with spell-based gameplay.

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