Total War: Medieval II Wages A New War On Mobile Devices April 7

The classic historical strategy

Is being transferred to a new theater of war as Sega announced that Total War. Medieval II is coming to mobile devices on April 7th. According to a press release, the game will be ported from PC to mobile devices “without compromise.” alliances, and an extensive map covering Europe. North Africa and the Middle East where all the action takes place.

The game will also feature touch controls and a brand new mobile interface

Allowing players to control every battle with their fingertips. Total War: Medieval II marks the second port of Total War for mobile devices: Rome: Total War and its expansions will be released on the Apple iPad in 2016 and on mobile phones in 2018.

Total War:

Medieval II first launched on PC in November 2006, with a single Kingdoms expansion released the following August. GameSpot’s review of Total War: Medieval II praised the deep strategy elements, stating that “epic” doesn’t quite fit the scope and scope of the latest Total War game – it has a lot of strategic depth as well as a lot of amazing combat. enjoy.”

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