Total War: Warhammer 3 data miners find voice file for Chaos Dwarfs

A single line of advisor dialogue extracted from Total War: Warhammer 3 almost confirmed that the next faction to appear in Creative Assembly’s masterpiece is the expected one: Chaos Dwarves. “Be careful, my lord, your scouts are reporting Chaos Dwarfs in the vicinity. The Legion of Azgorkh is a callous and vicious foe, bearing little resemblance to their pure brethren from the west. Keep your weapons handy,” he says. The hoarse voice of the adviser in a short dialog line is posted on YouTube. This is reminiscent of the lines an adviser says when facing almost any other major faction during a campaign.

Since their settlements are currently occupied by black orcs but are at the heart of the Warhammer 3 campaign map, it was already widely believed that the Chaos Dwarves would appear sooner rather than later. This line of dialogue almost confirms it.

To quickly jump into the history of Warhammer Fantasy, the voice line mentions the Legion of Asgorkh. This is precisely a band of Chaos Dwarfs, outlaws and exiles tasked with protecting a horrific abandoned frontier fortress. They are led by Drajoath the Ashen, a sorcerer-prophet who rides a giant fire-breathing winged bull so he’s a match for one of their legendary lords.

Otherwise, expect plenty of demon-filled artillery pieces and extremely heavily armored Hellguard soldiers armed with axes, which are also repeating rifles. There must be a blast, especially if they stick a demon-fueled locomotive covered in cannons.

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