Triangle Strategy Is A Worthy Square Enix Follow-up To Octopath

Triangle Strategy is a worthy successor Octopath Traveler.

Here’s a confession: I’ve waited years to play Octopath due to negative feedback received at launch. Even Kotaku panned it as “sweet” and “boring”. When I finally launched the game last year, I was consumed by dozens of hours. That’s why I put Octopath on my GOTY list: the developers had perfect grind.

Final Fantasy Tactics

For some players, games like Final Fantasy Tactics are their main reference points when approaching Triangle Strategy and I recognize the validity of this, but for me, it is Octopath, with the same signature visual style and created by the same people. So does Triangle Strategythe gameplay is actually like Octopath at all? Well, sort of. Your army doesn’t act as a single unit – each character makes their own movement based on their speed, interspersed with your enemies’ moves. This makes it much more difficult to simply subdue each enemy before they even get a chance to hit you. And while in Octopath characters can accumulate turns to use more powerful techniques, here they can use abilities depending on how many TP (turn points? your guess is as good as mine) they have accumulated. These points can be saved up for a more powerful ability or used immediately. There is even a character who can give TP to his allies.

While playing the game, I kept trying to reach the “flow state”. Octopath when I collected my moves and then used them strategically to defeat my enemies. Getting into that state proved difficult here because tactical RPGs are much less predictable than traditional Japanese RPGs. However, it is a fascinating experiment that has managed to achieve complex risk-reward gameplay that most strategy games don’t have.

I know it Triangle it’s a war game and people die in it. It’s just an unfortunate reality. And yet I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of it all as I pan the camera around the 3D battlefield. I thought Octopath was beautiful, but Triangle really sets the standard for beauty and performance in the modern pixel game. Yea, my soldiers killed flesh and blood people. Notes visible sparkling river? Or the rocky character of a reddish cliff? When I received Indeed exhausted by the strategy, I took a deep breath and surveyed the battlefield. War has never looked so good. And the knowledge beyond these cards is impeccable. I have played many war games in which I am asked to take care of fictional worlds out of a sense of heroic duty. When I make decisions Triangle StrategyHowever, I do not think of a noble obligation. I think of the people of Roselle, who carved their villages into the rocks of Glenbrook, a testament to their enduring resilience in the face of persecution.

Despite a more focused plot than its eight-protagonist predecessor,

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