Twilight only made Robert Pattinson better prepared to play The Batman

Robert Pattinson is now Batman, which means that for three hours, he has been roaming the dimly lit city of Gotham, dressed all in black, solving crimes and dodging his duties as head of Wayne Enterprises. The actor has done a brilliant job of introducing the new caped crusader to the cinematic world, so much so that it’s easy to forget that his casting was once considered controversial.

Some fans have complained that the star of the romantic vampire saga “Twilight” will never be able to embody the rough caped crusader. Others have countered that Pattison has taken on some very eclectic roles since Twilight, and that proved his acting prowess. Both of these factions are missing the point: Bruce Wayne is already in the perfect evolution from Edward Cullen. No one could have been better suited for this role than Robert Pattinson.

Isn’t that Byronism?

If you paid attention in high school literature class, you might remember the Byronic hero, but for those of you who have filtered this information, this is the main character archetype in Gothic literature. A brooding, tormented, sullen but noble person who roams the swamps (or similar) with a heart full of secrets and/or vengeance. Sure, sometimes it has a softer side hidden deep inside, but on the outside, it’s all brooding in the hallways of Forks High School or on the edge of tall buildings.

Yes, Batman is a Byronic hero, and as someone who spent four years of his early career channeling that energy, Robert Pattinson is uniquely suited to the role. For example, playing Edward Cullen, Pattinson specifically chose No portray the vampire as writer Stephenie Meyer wrote, as a super handsome guy who is amazing in every way.” I think a lot of actors have tried to play that aspect.” Pattinson shamefully told Empire Magazine when the first movie came out. “I just couldn’t do it. And the more I read the script, the more I hated this guy, so I played him like this, manic-depressive, who hates himself. Plus, he’s a 108-year-old virgin, so he’s clearly in trouble.”

It’s clear that he knows how to get around the self-torturing characters! Think about it: both Batman and Edward Cullen are very rich. Both of them are gloomy pensive, burdened with their own past. Edward is very sad because he drinks blood. Batman is very sad because his parents have died and the city of Gotham is mired in crime. They both live in eccentric big houses. And in their original media, both have a large family found, but that seems to be forgotten in most pop culture talk. They are both exhausted bad guys on the outside but very sad and in need of hugs on the inside – do I need to continue?

A role in sinking your teeth into

IN BatmanBatman keeps a very sad diary and, at one point, writes: I am the shadow. He pouts around Wayne Tower, and as he gathers up his big evidence board – on the floor for some reason – he does it shirtless, his dark hair falling dreamily across his face. Edward Cullen would have done exactly the same thing had he been in a thriller instead of a novel. What if this version of Batman were actually the subject of a paranormal novel?

I’m sure if he felt the love of his life was dead, he too would go to the Vampire Vatican and step out shirtless into the sunlight so he could be quickly executed and reunited with his lost love. It’s all about drama, a commitment to the beat – whether it’s saving yourself for 108 years before finding the love of your life or shirtless sword fighting in the desert with Ra’s al Ghul, even if you’re in love with his daughter.

It’s unclear how much time Pattinson spends as Bruce Wayne in Batman. Perhaps there is no gallery opening, no charity ball, no public rendezvous with a socialite in the film to hide his secret identity. As such, it’s still undecided if he can translate Edward Cullen’s charisma into Gotham’s most beloved member of the Himbo-rich, Bruce Wayne. But when it comes to the brooding caped crusader, there should be no doubt that Edward Cullen’s performance gets you playing Batman wrong. What better preparation for the mantle of the bat than a vampire?

Batman Releases in theaters on March 4th

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