Twitch chat is playing Elden Ring and it’s a beautiful mess

Many people already play Elden Ring in co-op. The game is certainly enjoyable as a solo game, but some people prefer to play with mates. Sometimes you need a little help with Margit, and that’s okay; we all struggle with this guy at first. But what I didn’t expect was 600 people playing Elden Ring at the same time.

The Twitch plays format is legendary. Connect the game to your stream and let your audience play it with the commands they type in Twitch chat. It first became famous through Pokemon let’s play, but now it’s being applied to all sorts of genres and styles of games. So, of course, it was only a matter of time before someone forced Twitch to play Elden Ring.

Bruce Green, who you may know from his work on Funhaus, Rooster Teeth, or Inside Gaming, is going through subathon. This is a Twitch rite of passage where subscribing to a Twitch channel increases the duration of a broadcast. 50% of subscriptions go to UNICEF and the Red Cross in support of Ukraine.

Subathons have been known to continue a month ago, but streamers really need a break. While Bruce was sleeping and doing other things, he needed something to keep his audience entertained while he hid in his sleeping bag and tent.

Sometimes streamers choose to post videos on YouTube, others let their mods take over the fun, but in this case, Bruce allowed his chat to play Elden Ring. I can’t say that 600 people trying to control a samurai in the Interlands are particularly effective. As I write this, they struggled together for a while to get off the wall, but it’s certainly interesting.

Bruce has a list of instructions on the left side of the screen that help chat about how they can help the Tarnished One become an Elden Lord. From simple commands like crouch to full guard manuals, he knows everything. But like I said, it’s not the most efficient way to play, is it? Everyone will want to fight different bosses, use different items, and explore different areas at the same time.

Well, at least if you haven’t played Elden Ring yourself yet, this is a taste of what you can expect. Even to the point of accidentally jumping off ledges and falling to his death.


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