Twitter Proves The Best Way To Play Elden Ring Is With A Journal Close By

Like many previous From Software games, Elden Ring hard. However, unlike those games, Elden Ring also has an open world and is mind-blowingly large, making all of its mysteries and madness even harder to follow. While Elden Ring may offer players a large number of icons to scatter around their map, and some very useful sites can work hard to create some very useful guides to help you get through the most difficult moments of the game, I would argue that the best companion to help you on your journey from “stained” to triumph is actually something more personal: a journal.


More than any other form of record keeping, journaling allows us to perfectly preserve our an experience that is essential when exploring a world that is so uniquely alive and non-linear that it feels like it was created especially for you. Keeping a diary gives us the opportunity not only to keep track of where certain NPCs are, what tasks we still have to complete, and where the boss who left us beaten and bruised is hiding, but also to record our personal observations – observations that can be very useful later. Apart from this, journaling also provides us with our own unique history of how we spent our time and, more importantly, how it made us feel that we can remember years later. It’s irreproducible and completely subjective, whether it’s counting the times you’ve died fighting Margit, or a brief note on how Erdtree’s watchdog works. absolutely cat.

Another optional but good reason to keep a diary?

To share with people on the Internet, of course. While no one can ever perfectly replicate your journey through the Interearths, almost every other player you talk to will be able to recount your experience. All it takes is a quick scroll through Twitter or Reddit to find thousands of people who have also struggled to defeat a certain beast or have a very intricate love for Bladed. From Software games have always felt like a collaborative experience based on collaboration and communication to uncover secrets and overcome the irresistible. So the idea of ​​sharing your ideas and experiences in their rawest form seems like the perfect way to contribute to this effort and maybe even showcase your flair for calligraphy and illustration.

Below are a few examples of people keeping a diary while playing From Software’s latest adventure, and each one is incredibly impressive:

However, if you’re not exactly into drawing, don’t let the examples above scare you! Above all, a diary should be a home for your thoughts, no matter how neatly they may be presented. It doesn’t matter if you communicate your ideas best through cute scribbles, carefully crafted script, impeccable illustrations, or short and sloppy handwriting – your observations are valuable and likely to come in handy. Here are more examples of people using journals to chronicle their adventures, complete direct quests, and try to make sense of the creepy and mesmerizing world of Elden Ring.

I hope you’re now a little inspired to pick up a pen and write down the best place you found to grind runes, or whatever creepy remark this merchant muttered to you before browsing his wares. And at least the logs are a great place to express your frustration:


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