Ubisoft says ‘cyber security incident’ last week shows no evidence of data breach

The commissioner’s apology came after Manfred said he was “generally thrilled” that MLB had settled yet another labor dispute. And as a result, baseball again avoided losing revenue under the watchful eye of its commissioner. On Wednesday night, MLB threatened to skip games until April 14 after previously postponing the first two episodes of the 2022 season – roughly 90 games. Manfred then said that players would not be paid for missed games.
“Let me talk about timing,” said Manfred on Thursday. “Using deadlines, extending them, and deciding when to set them and when to back off is part of the art of collective bargaining. “And it’s an art form that’s important in terms of closing the deal,” Manfred added. Asked if MLB had been beaten because the players still retained a significant economic base during the lockout, Manfred replied. That it wasn’t a matter of “who beat who.” He said: “I believe that there is only one victory, and that is getting an agreement. We have one.”

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