Uh-Oh, Chocobo GP’s Season Pass Is Ruffling A Few Feathers With Fans

The cute and cuddly Chocobo GP kart racer looks like the bright spring sunshine we all need in our lives at the moment. On the surface, it’s a fun little race where chocobos race on roller skates and Final Fantasy IX’s Vivi can set you on fire while skating around Alexandria. What’s not to like?

But when Square Enix promoted the game, it showed the season pass in Japan’s Nintendo Direct, which left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans. Not only that, the iconic protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife, is tied to this pass, which is called the Prize Pass.

Now that the full game is out and players have the opportunity to race chocobos, many have turned to Square Enix. Upon entering the game, players are greeted with messages promoting in-game currencies and microtransactions, including the aforementioned Season Pass.

Fans have expressed concern about how long it will take to get levels in the game. In response, Square Enix gave players 500 mithril and promised racers to adjust their prize tier settings to make them “more forgiving”.

This is not the only aspect of the game that players have identified as a problem. Every few months, Chocobo GP will have a new “season” (such as racing season), with the first season running right now. And as a bonus for entering the first season, players will receive 800 mithril for free. This is enough to buy the Prize Pass.

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