UK Charts: Pokémon Legends: Arceus Slips Further As Gran Turismo 7 Keeps Pole Position

The latest UK charts are out and it’s a big win for Sony and PlayStation 5. Last week’s big winner and new release, Gran Turismo 7retained 1st place. Take 2 VVE 2K22 – new of the week – bulldogs on the 2nd, elbows ancient ring down to 3rd. Incidentally, their PS5 versions were the best sellers, accounting for 68%, 43%, and 58% of total sales respectively.

But what about Nintendo? The new release of Triangle Strategy, released last week, was forced to leave the top 20 entirely at 24th, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus also dropped a few spots further to 5th, which is still pretty strong for a game that came out about a month ago. -and a half.

However, Mario Party Superstars is back in 10th place, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe holding a solid 6th place. With the Booster Course Pass coming out at the end of the week, we figure we’ll continue to see Mario Kart 8 for a very, very long time. We already have!

The Switch port in FIFA 22 is still in trouble, too. Although the game dropped to 7th place, the PS4 version accounts for 37% of total sales, while the Switch version accounts for 32%. Even if it’s the same as last year, a bit of football on the go when the weather turns nice seems perfect, doesn’t it?

Here’s a proper look at this week’s top ten formats chart:

[Compiled by GFK]

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