Uncharted Movie Has Big Second Weekend, Stays No. 1, But Batman Is Coming

Sony Uncharted remained the No. 1 film in America in its second weekend, reaching $23.2 million in its second weekend in the US. It was down just 47% from its huge opening weekend. In total, the Uncharted movie has already surpassed $83 million domestically. The film has previously been screened in international markets and has now earned $226 million worldwide – and that’s before it hits China next month. This box office comes from the collider.

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Uncharted didn’t have much competition at the box office this weekend compared to other heavyweights, as the only major new release was Channing Tatum’s Dog, which grossed around $10 million. That’s all about to change this coming weekend as the highly anticipated WB film Batman hits theaters on March 3rd and is expected to be a big hit and make a lot of money.

Sony Pictures chief executive Tom Rothman said that Uncharted is now Sony’s next “franchise”, suggesting there will be a sequel, though no official announcement has been made. Director Ruben Fleischer has said he wants to return for a potential sequel, and one of his ideas is to include the epic car chase scene from Uncharted 4 in the film if it gets filmed. Presumably stars Tom Holland as Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Sully will return for the sequel if it comes to fruition.

Fleischer and Holland also want to make a Jack and Daxter movie for PlayStation Productions.

The film’s success is also sparking renewed speculation about the future of the Uncharted series. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection was released in January and includes Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy for PS5, but no new games in the main series have been announced.

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