Valheim’s Mountains are more dangerous with the latest update

The last Waldheim The update makes the mountains even more treacherous and tempting to explore. In making a survival game Waldheim, players take on the role of Vikings in the afterlife. While they start out in relatively safe grasslands, if they want to keep expanding their base and getting stronger, they will need to kill dangerous bosses and explore new biomes. On March 1, developer Iron Gate Studio released an update to the mountain biome that adds new ice caves, resources, and enemies.

Frost Caverns are temporary dungeons similar to the burial chambers in the Black Forest and the sunken crypts found in the Fens. Frost caves, there are three new enemies inside, but if players overcome these dangers, they can earn new resources and new materials that are built into armor and weapons. The mountains are already full of bad wolves and cold, and new wild enemies won’t make things any easier.

Waldheim was in early access for a year after the explosive launch of early access when millions of players purchased Viking. The last major update was hearth and home, an expansion that added a ton of new cooking and crafting recipes. Since then, Iron Gate has focused on smaller updates, including a Steam Deck port. The next major update will touch the mysterious Misty Lands biome and make it a much more tangible place to explore

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