Valve Datamine Reveals Four Unannounced Games

Datamine found several references in the Aperture Desk Job files to four different unannounced Valve games.

Because reported by Tyler McVicker, a journalist who specializes in working with Valve, the recently released Aperture Desk Job (a small game designed for the Steam deck) contains folders with numerous detailed references to four different games: Citadel, a port of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Source 2. , a sequel to Half-Life: Alyx and a recreation of the previously canceled Portal game. Valve has not officially announced any of these projects. Datamine, which occupies more than 70 pages, contains data related to Citadel. “Citadel looks like Combine Counter Rebel, an RTS/FPS hybrid based on teams, squads, and classes,” McVicker explained. “It looks like the game has a campaign, a single-player campaign, and two main systems.”

McVicker reveals that Citadel is putting players in a commander who can control squads of AI-powered bots.

This can be done from a bird’s eye view, or you can descend onto the battlefield. And take direct control of either your commander or other squad members. It’s not clear from this leak if Citadel is a game under active development at Valve. The studio often creates designs and prototypes that never materialize. But this data mining allows you to look behind the scenes. While many of the files are difficult to decipher. There are many notes that help give you an idea of ​​what Citadel was/is/could be.

The squad-based game features groups of artificial intelligence bots. That have a dynamic behavior system based on “mood” and “memory.” These bots, like the player, have access to weapons. Upgrades, alternate fire systems, and passive buffs. They are considered “hold abilities” that need to be attached to the player’s body. Indicating that Citadel will be a VR game. McVicker’s examination of the files suggests. That Citadel will run on “pancake” systems as well (for you and me, it’s a regular PC).

Aperture Desk operating screens

As with Citadel, it’s not clear if these projects are currently in active development at Valve. Things that have been canceled, or projects created for entirely different reasons. As such, the datamining should not be taken as proof. That Valve plans to announce and release these games.

However, that doesn’t stop many from hoping, as almost every game released by Valve has been a resounding success. Last year’s Half-Life: Alyx was a masterpiece of VR design and showed that the company’s campaign sensibilities are still as strong as ever. More than a decade after the last game in the series.

Matt Purslow is a British news and entertainment columnist for IGN.

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