Valve is already planning a Steam Deck 2

According to company president Gabe Newell, Valve is already planning a sequel to its hotly anticipated Steam Deck.

talking to EDGE Magazine, Newell discussed Valve’s surprise when the most expensive version of the Steam Deck turned out to be “undoubtedly” the most popular handheld version. “That’s why we always love to release and release something. Because we learn a lot from it, and it helps shape our thinking for Deck 2.”

This new version of the Stream Deck is likely to be a more powerful version of the device, reflecting what Valve thinks its customers are saying when buying a higher tier deck. “They basically say, ‘We would like an even more expensive version of this in terms of power or whatever,” Newell said.

Indeed, it looks like Valve has a long future planned for Steam Deck, with Newell seeing it as a “permanent addition” to PC gaming. “The second iteration will be more about what kind of possibilities mobile gives us, beyond what you would get in a traditional desktop or laptop?”

What’s interesting about this is that Valve’s vision for the Steam Deck seems to be about their ongoing pursuit of VR gaming, with Newell stating that the Steam Deck is “high-performance, battery-powered power that will ultimately you could use in VR applications too.”.

It’s true that one of the major barriers to accessibility for VR gaming is the physically awkward nature of the hardware, which is why Facebook/Meta Quest headsets are the most popular VR devices. Could Valve be planning a Steam Deck that partially integrates into a VR headset that both lowers the cost of investing in VR hardware and makes it easier to use? Or perhaps just a Steam Deck with enough graphics power to push through a tethered VR headset like the Valve Index.

Whatever Valve’s plans are, Newell says, “We’re not really there yet.” But it looks like a second Steam deck is still in development.



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