Valve is fixing Elden Ring’s ‘heavy stutter’ on Steam Deck

Elden Ring had major stuttering issues when running on PC, some of which have since been fixed, though performance issues still persist. FromSoftware called for patience as the studio fixes some of the game’s most egregious issues, but if you’re lucky enough to own a Steam Deck, Valve themselves are looking into it. Valve programmer Pierre-Loup Griffe confirmed on Twitter today that the company is working on a fix for Elden Ring’s severe stuttering on Steam Deck. “The graphics team has been hard at work optimizing Elden Ring for the Steam Deck,” Griffis wrote.

“A fix for a severe hang during background streaming of resources will be available in the Proton release next week, but is already available for testing in the Advanced Experimental branch.”

Griffeis shows how to access this thread in the video below, but these instructions are in deprecated text format. Find Proton Experimental in the Steam Deck, then select Settings (gear icon). Scroll to “Properties” then “Betas” and then select “advanced – latest and untested changes to dxvk, vkd3d-proton and wine”.

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Good news for Steam Deck owners. For everyone else, Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco has listed some of their top priorities for fixing RPGs on PC, including mouse sensitivity, “frame rate phenomena and other performance-related issues”, and a weird bug with Easy Anti-Cheat not working with some Steam account names.

The Steam Deck finally came out last week and Wes loves it, comparing it to Leatherman among other things. “The stim deck is bulky for a portable device, but it makes up for it with unrivaled versatility and a killer price,” he wrote.

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