Valve Responds To Steam Deck Thumbstick Issues

Some Steam Deck owners have reported joystick drift issues, and now Valve has responded. Designer Lawrence Yang tweeted that after investigating, Valve identified the issue and released a new patch to address it. It was a “dead zone regression,” Yang said, and it’s now fixed.

“Hey everyone, a little note about Steam Deck mini joysticks. The team looked into the reported issues and found it to be a dead zone regression due to a recent firmware update. We’ve just released a fix to fix the bug, so make sure you’re in the know,” Yang said.

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Steam Deck devices have recently begun shipping, and some of the first devices were personally delivered by none other than Valve founder and billionaire Gabe Newell himself. Newell also talked about how he wants people to give their honest feedback on Steam Deck, reassuring fans that he reads every email he receives.

“I receive from a few hundred to several thousand letters a day. I read them all.

GameSpot’s Steam Deck review praises it as “a beautifully built and powerful portable PC that, in the right hands, can be so much more than what Valve imagines.” Valve is still working on sending Steam Deck units for the first quarter. There is no scheduled launch date for the second wave of systems.


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