Video: Behind-The-Scenes Of How Life Is Strange: True Colors Made It To Switch


Oh, we love a good Nintendo Switch port. After all, the best way to play a game is to lie in bed, which the PlayStation and Xbox of the world can’t handle without a complete living room/bedroom renovation. But the Switch gets a lot of low-quality, low-res, grainy-graphics ports, or worse for some, Cloud Editions that force gamers without good internet to deal with compression artifacts and store-wide connectivity issues.

So it’s great to see a port that has extra time for the Switch version like Life is Strange: True Colors, which was made by Dragon’s Lake development studio and highlighted in this tech behind-the-scenes video.

With overhauled lighting, tweaked anti-aliasing, shaders for the Switch, and tons of optimization features, this version of Switch doesn’t just “reduce graphics to the bare minimum” – it’s very similar to versions on other platforms. , more powerful consoles.

True, this is not yet enough how chic. Other consoles can handle much thinner lighting and more polygons, and you just can’t reproduce what it looks like. Many of the background decorations around the city – flowers, rocks, etc. – have been removed to highlight the more important models in each scene and speed up render times. Have you played True Colors on Switch? Do you think it looks good, or do you think some games will always look a little crooked on tiny Nintendo handheld screens? Let us know about it in the comments!

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