Video: PlayStation Vita Apps Are Up And Running On Switch, Here’s A Look

That Last December, the PlayStation Vita turned 10 years old. While Sony basically done with the system his legacy lives on.

It also extends a little further than you might expect, with the Nintendo Switch and PS Vita home scenes making a new breakthrough (credit – excerpt) that allows the PlayStation Vita and its executables to run on the Nintendo Switch. IN MVGin other words, “no tricks or emulation”. He even tested it in the video above to give you a better idea of ​​what it is. To reiterate, “this is the real deal” and since this is not an emulation means the Switch has “more than enough power” to run PS Vita apps and take advantage of the Switch’s CPU and GPU to “theoretically” provide an “outstanding Vita experience”. “Of course, this is just a “proof of concept” right now, and there are no commercial games on it yet. It is still at a very early stage and there are also some hurdles to overcome, but the future looks promising.

Here are MVG’s final thoughts on what the future might hold for the vita2hos homebrew project:

“…Once the shader translation part is implemented, we will really start to see more and more homemade apps start to open up and be playable on the Nintendo Switch. We may see some commercial games start downloading. Now I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, it’s still pretty much a proof of concept, but it’s exciting stuff for Switch homebrewing fans and Vita fans alike, and I can’t wait to see what’s in the future. The prospect of launching commercial PlayStation Vita games on the Nintendo Switch is exciting…”

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