Video: Pokémon-Like Monster Catcher ‘Coromon’ Shows Off Battle Mechanics, Arrives On Switch March 31st

Freedom Games and TRAGsoft recently announced their monster taming game. Koromon Coming to Nintendo Switch on March 31st.

As with Pokémon, you’ll go on an adventure as a young trainer, catching monsters, taking on trainers, and even stopping a sinister organization. There will also be online PVP and a built-in Nuzlocke option

Here is an additional PR and trailer with a release date:

Embark on an adventure with a squad of over 120 different koromons. Fight in a classic RPG campaign and stop a shady organization from devastating the world!

Variety of attacks is critical in intense trainer battles.

Each Coromon skill drains a limited amount of stamina. Strategize every turn and choose the right move, whether it’s attacking, restoring stamina, or healing with a clutch item.

 Bypass the enemy’s physical defenses with special skills to deal even more damage. Based

Characteristics of Koromon’s special attacks, these skills can potentially create powerful combos with status effects.

Combine status skills to turn the hand of fate in your team’s favor with passive changes to your current Koromon or the enemy in front of him. Examples of these skills include temporary stat boosts, enemy debuffs, call weather, and other game-changing effects.

Test your squad’s skills against the Koromon Titans in multi-stage boss battles. Gather all the resilience and strategy your team is capable of as the Titans will change phases, creating various field hazards, calling for reinforcements and other unexpected complications.

Take advantage of the skills gained during the Koromon Campaign and go head to head in online PvP. Defeat other Trainers in Casual or Competitive Ranked Matches. See which meta-strategies the community is gravitating towards and find your own fighting style to break the stereotypes.

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