Watch this Elden Ring player batter Godrick with a controller made of bananas

There are several bottlenecks on the Elden Ring map, and one of the main obstacles in the path of the players is Godric the Grafted. This is the first demigod that most players will encounter, and for those with average abilities like me, he will be a tough nut to crack.

In the age of the Internet,

Godric was, of course, a target. People like modder and content creator SuperLouis64 look at this guy and see another challenge: what’s the most ridiculous way to beat him?

What about a banana controller?

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There are a total of eleven bananas plugged into the backbox – not enough to reproduce every button on the panel, although it is possible that some of them perform a dual function. It’s hard to understand exactly how this device works from the video, so I asked the creator:

“Long story short, I connected every banana to an HID,” Luis writes. “Each banana pretty much turns into keyboard input, kind of like setting up an Arduino with buttons. However, instead of buttons, they are bananas 😆. I coded them a bit to turn them into a PS4 controller to pick up. on my PC or PS5, depending on which station I want to play it on!”

Louis64 makes a lot of these controller modifications, and last week used a Switch’s Ring Fit controller to laze around in the Lands Between:

Louis clearly loves this business and calls himself, not without reason, a fan of controllers. He also played Final Fantasy XIV through pizza and played smart Cyberpunk 2077 by controlling it with T-poses . So Godric cannot sleep peacefully: perhaps this is just the beginning.

There’s something undeniably funny about FromSoftware HQ and all those talented designers who have been honing Godric’s battle for so long and creating a truly terrifying challenge for players. Today they can come to work, turn on their computers and see that somewhere in the world there is a person who humiliated Godric by hitting fruit.

Elden Ring has had an epic launch week, with Steam nearing a million concurrent players and rune lust so popular that it’s now heavily traded on eBay. It also spawned countless funny deaths.

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