Weird West’s playable Pigman is feared and hated, has to risk death just to turn in quests

Weird West from Wolfeye Studios is fast approaching its March 31st release date

And the developers have prepared a powerful 42-minute gameplay video led by creative director Raf Colantonio and lead systems designer Gael Giraudeau showcasing one of the best games ever, weirder playable characters. Pigman offers one of the several Journeys available in Weird West. On one level, they look like Dragon Age-style origin stories. But you can also go through multiple Journeys and meet your characters. This reminds me of classic JRPGs like Dragon Quest 4 or Live A Life. Which had a similar, albeit more scripted ensemble. Building construction.

The pigman was cursed and turned into a miserable state:

A vast, ogre-like pig-like beast. Although he retains the ability to think and speak. He has lost his memory and is shunned by most communities. Requiring stealth or violence to navigate the normally peaceful cities of the Weird West. At one point in the demonstration, Giraud tried to turn in a quest that would make him benevolent to the city and make his sheriff not hostile. Unfortunately for him, one of the city’s representatives was patrolling the quest giver’s location. Giraud considered several infiltration routes before finally deciding to use the in-game waiting feature. To find a quest giver at another point in her schedule.

It smacks of a Nosferatu Vampire:

The Masquerade – Bloodlines walkthrough that made all the places you used to feel at ease dangerous, forcing you to change your approach completely. (In Bloodlines, this meant spending a lot of time in the sewers.) As PC Gamer editor Tyler Kolp pointed out in his hands-on preview, Weird West seems to have borrowed from classic RPGs like Fallout in addition to its more immediate predecessors in immersive sims like those developed by Arkane. This combination of detailed reactivity with the wider RPG world feels genuinely unique, and it will be interesting to see everything Weird West has to offer when it releases on March 31st.

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