What Are You Playing This Weekend? (February 26th)


Another week has gone by in Nintendo Life and after a few rather frantic weeks, gaming news has generally calmed down a bit. However, there were interesting discoveries, in particular, the Capcom Fighting Collection caught the attention of many retro gamers. Meanwhile, Next Level Games has been confirmed to be working on new Mario Strikers and the Elden Ring impostor has begun battling Super Mario Odyssey for critical superiority – the cheek! Amid light-hearted news, we’ve seen the Star Wars droid evolve into the coolest Game Boy accessory and we loved knowing the Nintendo 64DD has more online features than the Switch.

Now it’s time to relax and discuss our game plans for the weekend. Several meter members of the Nintendo Life team have done just that below, so feel free to read our entries and then join in with your own through our comment section. Enjoy!

Tom Whitehead, Associate Editor

I recently bought The Messenger on Switch; yes, I’m late to the party and I actually played it on a certain subscription game service in the past. It’s great in handheld mode and still cool, so there will be some time to play. I will also move on to other Pokémon Legends: Arceus or Monster Hunter Rise, depending on my mood.

And yes I will play ancient ring in the other place.

Austin Voigt, writer

This weekend I plan to hack into an old 3DS and do some nostalgia. All the discussion around the impending closure of the webshop – and our awesome article on the best 3DS webshop games you should get before they’re gone for good – got me really interested in playing some of the classic games in my backlog. Pullblox, Pocket Card Jockey, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Picross (yes, I quickly went and completed a few My Nintendo tasks to get platinum points for this little one), Attack of the Friday Monsters!… (also me by Admittedly, still play Badge Arcade almost every morning to use my free games and collect those lovely virtual pins). Ah, the good old days of the 3DS. I will miss you and think of you fondly.

Keith Gray, staff writer

I’ve become obsessed with Graveyard Keeper over the last couple of weeks, so I’ll still be playing it. It’s slow, VERY slow, and progress is being made in tiny steps, but how is that reassuring? I’m not allowed to play Elden Ring until my partner has completed his Big Deadline, which is three weeks away!!! (To be clear: I could play it alone, but it wouldn’t be as fun.)

Gonzalo Lopez, reviewer

I’ll still be spending time on the GameCube, but the arrival of packages from afar also gives me – after all – a chance to catch up on games I’ve been wanting to try for some time, namely Astronier as well as Opus Collection. Portuguese darling For the warp also turns out to be a pretty fun sci-fi, deck builder, rogue distraction. The game of the week is Record of the Lodos War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth. I love my Metroidvania and loved anime decades ago so this won’t disappoint in any way. Great physics edition!

Ollie Reynolds, reviewer

Hey! So, this weekend, I’ll be putting the Switch aside (sorry) for the most part in favor of a little game called Elden Ring. The hype is absolutely justified for this; it’s phenomenal and has the potential to shake up the open-world genre as much as Breath of the Wild did.

I can also download my 3DS and buy more games from the online store. You know, I still don’t have Shin Megami Tensei IV! I also played Pokémon Blue again because Elden Ring isn’t big enough for this crazy one.

As always, thanks for reading! Don’t forget to leave us a comment below with your game plans for the weekend!

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